Tuesday, April 27, 2010

XBAP – Full Trust on the net


Full Trust XBAP Deployment

Starting in WPF 4, the ClickOnce elevation prompt is also enabled for XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs) in Intranet and Trusted Zones, making it easier to deploy full-trust XBAPs. For XBAPs that require security permissions greater than the minimum code access security (CAS) permission grantset of the Intranet and Trusted Zones, the user will be able to click 'Run' on the ClickOnce elevation prompt when they navigate to the XBAP to allow the XBAP to run with the requested permissions.

While developing DVD Burner Application, I wondered how many people are going to use the application then I came across XBAP and Full Trust. Although not a standard application of a Web App, it seems that XBAP is allowing me to get Full Trust via the internet. Very promising…

The key testability point for me was the “Intranet” AND “Trusted Zones”.

I could deploy the application on my laptop with IIS7.0 over the internet, and test it using my remote IP. This allowed me to test without being on a domain.

The only thing to do was to add my Remote IP to the “Trusted Zones” in IE, as long as your app is signed.

Very Cool Stuff

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